People's Lab4Good: BNP Paribas' Intrapreneurship Program

In 2018, The Grameen Creative lab started supporting BNP Paribas’ intrapreneurship program: People’s Lab4Good in creating social businesses out of its social intrapreneur projects through our incubation and acceleration program ad hoc designed, specifically for helping their employees and the bank to create a great positive impact that they wish and plan.

Later, in 2019, BNP Paribas signed a partnership with The Grameen Creative lab in the presence of Professor Yunus, Antoine Sire and the High Commissioner for the Social and Solidarity Economy. 

Since then, together, we have been working within the framework of a 360° program, where between others, we incubate and accelerate the bank’s social businesses.

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Check out some of the incubated social businesses!


Climate Seed

Climate Seed wants to accelerate organizations' climate action by providing them with high-impact projects in the short and long term. This social business was acquired by AXA IM Alts in 2021. 



Tangata is a platform that offers activities accessible to people with all types of disabilities and to connect all the people concerned, their caregivers, and all the actors who respond to their needs: associations, companies, start-ups, etc. 



Tilia is simple assistance and tools designed for caregivers, a support system designed to help people who are facing illness, disability or advancing age for a loved one or for themselves.


Green On

Green On offers a better energy performance for office buildings. Utilizing expertise available within the Group (Real Estate, Leasing Solutions, FRB Business), Green On is a complete solution for energy efficiency, from diagnostics to implementation, including financial advice for all renovations.



Wikandoo uses an e-learning training platform with the objective to support Moroccan women who have obtained a micro-credit to develop their activities and prepare them for structured entrepreneurship.



Microlux has assigned itself the missions of developing social and economic inclusion by accompanying and granting microcredits for people wishing to create or develop an economic activity and who do not have access to traditional bank credit.


My Farm

My Farm is a project that wants to help us to take care of what we consume daily, giving us the opportunity to grow our own food and/or to empower local farmers to grow, always using the most eco-friendly farming techniques.


One Step Forward

One Step Forward is a program that aims to facilitate this integration of refugees into the working world while providing group training and mentorship sessions given directly by the bank volunteer employees who want to create a positive impact. 



Numéthique is a social project that aims to help organizations understand better the operation and energy consumption of the digital assets and establish concreate actions to decrease the carbon emissions generated by them. 



LRT4GOOD aims to improve the mobilization of health personnel by making available around 300,000 vehicles that arval's customers no longer use each year. 


JuST Institute 

JuST Institute catalyze market development towards Climate, Biodiversity and Inclusive finance. Specifically, they provide state of art methods, products & services to mainstream investments & capacity building for ones who need the most. 

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