Empowering Responsible Leadership through Social Business Education

Our goal is to transform mindsets and create responsible leaders that are aware of the role of social business in solving social and environmental challenges.

We work with foundations,  non-profits, universities, and companies to make critical concepts accessible, interactive, and practice-oriented.

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Our offerings



Workshops – Online and In-Person

We offer a range of workshops including systems thinking, growth hacking, problem definition, storytelling of impact, Introduction to social business, impact measurement, learning how to pitch, starting your purpose journey, and creativity through AI. All our workshops are applied and interactive so you can learn to use the tools already during the workshop.  


Our services here may include: synchronous workshops, workbooks, learning materials, recordings of the session, and guest speakers from our social business ecosystem 


Workshop Series

For a deeper learning experience, we also create workshop series focusing to take you on your social business intrapreneur/entrepreneur journey. The workshops are designed as practical workshops online, where we not only teach various tools to participants but also provide them with real-time feedback on their work throughout the series. These workshops are particularly created for organizations wanting their participants to learn at a steady pace and have a high impact on their learning.  


Our services here may include: synchronous workshops, workbooks, written or A/V learning materials and recordings of each session, and guest speakers from our social business ecosystem 

B2C & B2B

Educational Learning Journeys to the Grameen World 

The Grameen Creative Lab takes you to Bangladesh, the birthplace of social business, the Grameen Philosophy to learn more about the innovation that won us a Nobel Prize.  Live the original Grameen experience, visit Grameen companies in action ranging from health, education, microfinance, and renewable energy experiences to learn more about the people whom Grameen works with, and take inspiration from the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.  


Our services here may include visits to Grameen company headquarters and partnership conversations, field trips to Grameen companies to meet and talk to people, flights to and from Bangladesh, accommodation in Bangladesh, and an accompanying member of the Grameen Creative Lab working as a translator and guide into your Grameen journey 

B2C & B2B

Social Business Hackathons

These hybrid hackathons are designed to solve social business problems while acquiring social business skills. Our social business hackathons start with a social business challenge where participants get to learn about different challenges that social business entrepreneurs face and act as social business consultants to propose feasible solutions. In the end, an esteemed jury panel provides participants with feedback on their solutions and if agreed upon before, invites talented participants for further collaboration.  


Our services here may include: synchronous workshops, parallel mentoring, case study and challenge building, guest speakers and jury, program coordination, learning materials, and feedback 

B2C & B2B

Social Business Bootcamps

Taking inspiration from the Grameen world, social business bootcamps are in-person applied learning journeys providing an immersive experience on going from a problem to a social business idea. Staying true to our Grameen approach, we combine real-life problem-finding and innovative problem-solving and understanding techniques from silicon valley to help participants immerse themselves into the Grameen World combining design thinking and system thinking tools with over 40 years of Grameen wisdom from our global arena.  


Our services here may include: applied workshops, parallel feedback, and mentoring, workbooks, and in-field community visits, and  guest lectures  

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