Accelerating the Social Business Ecosystem in Germany

Are you a social business or social enterprise from Germany looking to find alternative ways to grow your business in the hard current economic situation? ​

Leveraging on 14 years of global expertise, we bring the Grameen model from Nobel Laureate 2006 Muhammad Yunus to Germany. We are launching a program with the vision of empowering social businesses in Germany by offering networking opportunities, capacity-building workshops and ad hoc personalized social business acceleration program to grow your business and impact.

Applications for the Acceleration Program is now closed!

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A unique approach from our unique  experience 

The Grameen Creative Lab is the social innovation and accelerator Lab co-founded by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz, CEO of Circ GmbH, one of the leading creative consulting and live communication agencies in Germany.

Our mission is to accelerate the global social business ecosystem through innovative programs.

We unite the 50 years experience of Grameen entrepreneurial models and the creative impulses of Circ GmbH together with modern growth hacking techniques to innovate social business models in new ways.

We need new acceleration models for social business ecosystems

Social and environmental impact-focused enterprises in Germany are struggling with the current economic crisis, faced with institutional and organizational hurdles.
Our "360 Program - IMPACTXCELERATE" focuses on accelerating and connecting social impact organizations in Germany with a tailored approach for social entrepreneurs at all stages of their social business journey. We offer networking, social entrepreneurial skill development, and personalized mentoring based on your current needs.


Ecosystems connections in Germany and with the global community

Strengthening the social business ecosystem by enabling mutual support and long-lasting social and environmental impact.

  • Join the community online, stay connected and access resources
  • Bi-weekly Community Chats with international and german Social Business experts
  • Checkmark Join the Global Social Business Gathering, the largest social business event in the world, to be held in Berlin on 10th and 11th November 2023. ​Stay tuned for our free tickets for you!


Capacity Building and Social Business Strategy Workshops

By training and building capacity to empower social business entrepreneurs with a new set of mindsets and tools

  • Checkmark 4 online and interactive Workshops on Personal Purpose, Social Impact, Social Entrepreneurial Thinking, Social Impact Measurement, and Growth Hacking
  • Checkmark Learn new innovative techniques for social businesses to thrive in times of high uncertainty.
  • Learn about practical and ready-to-apply set of tools for no matter in which phase your social enterprise is at.


Acceleration and Certification of German social businesses

Supporting social businesses to develop sustainable growth models and concrete action plans following the Grameen experience.

  • Checkmark Tailored 1:1 consulting for 10 social businesses from September-December (10 hours/social business)
  • Checkmark Consulting focused on social business model reviewing, growth, impact and ecosystem-building to provide concrete support to scale up with limited resources.
  • Checkmark Get a social business certificate signed by our founder Professor Muhammad Yunus to increase visibility and assessing your sustainable model.
  • Deadline to apply: 28th August

Don't miss these dates!

From 7th August 2023

Join the Community and stay tuned!

Are you a social business or enterprise from Germany looking for inspirations and programs to scale up? Join our ImpactXcelerate community and program!

In the next 5 months we will engage entrepreneurs from all over Germany in meetings, workshops and will select 10 social businesses for our acceleration program. ARE YOU READY? 


7th – 28th August 2023

Apply to the
ImpactXcelerate Consulting Program

In our 1:1 tailored consulting program we will support you in making your business model sustainable set for fast growth despite uncertainty. 10 hours of free consulting for 10 Social Businesses in Germany.

The program will run from 1st September until the 1st December. 

4th September 2023

Celebrate the ImpactXcelerate Launch! 

Join Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Creative Lab CEO Hanz Reitz, and University lecturer and company founder Günter Faltin in our community chat.

1st September – 24th October 2023

Join our Community Chats and Workshops! 

Join our bi-weekly community chats, reads and finally our 4 online workshops on 17th and 24th of October.

9th - 10th November 2023, Berlin

The Global Social Business Gathering

Join our social business gathering in Berlin and interact with the global social business community. Don´t miss the chance to meet Nobel Laureate prof. Muhammad Yunus! 


22nd December 2023

Closing of the Program

But this is not the end! Stay tuned for our other programs! 


Start boosting your social business!

Over the past 14 years, the Grameen Creative Lab and our organizations have been effectively implemented social business models positively impacting the lives of millions of individuals.

In the last years, we have developed a tailored methodology that applies the Grameen approach to the innovative approach of growth hacking, coming from the success of tech companies in the Silicon Valley, in order to create fast-growing social business models with limited resources. 

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Our Sponsors

The project, "Aufbau eines blühenden sozialen Unternehmens-Ökosystems in Deutschland," is funded under the REACT with Impact program by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund.

Our Network Partners


We are happy to answer to all your questions!

What is this program about?

ImpactXcelerate is part of our 360°Program where we help social business entrepreneurs to strive by offering them tailored capacity-building programs and ad hoc consulting, building on growth-based and impactful models. On top of training and acceleration programs, we also connect the social business community through an innovative platform, where we connect entrepreneurs with each other and offer them insightful knowledge through chats and various resources.

This ImpactXcelerate is specifically dedicated to German entrepreneurs, and it will run from August 2023 until December 2023.

Who can access this program and its parts?

This Program is open for German social enterprises, NGOs, and welfare-based enterprises who are looking for new ways and inspirations to accelerate their impact and organizations in these tough times. The full program is accessible for free.

Anyone can access our community and capacity-building workshops (up to a maximum of 500 organizations within the platform). For the on-demand social business consulting we will select 10 social enterprises with the potential to scale up their model and impact fast.

How will the 10 Social Businesses be chosen for the ad hoc Acceleration Consultation offer?

The Acceleration Consulting Program is primarily offered for registered social businesses in Germany with the potential to scale up their operations and impact fast. Therefore, this program is not aimed at incubating social enterprises.

We will be sharing a form, specifically for the Acceleration Program in the community platform, where social enterprises can apply. A thoughtful screening process will be made, analyzing in depth the business models and impact framework of the applicants. Results will be announced on the 28th of August.

In what language will the program be held?

Our Program is open to people working within German social enterprises. Participants do not necessarily have to be German native speakers themselves. We understand that many social enterprises work within an international context, thus our facilitator will be well versed in both German and English through the Program’s primary language will be German.

How will the online workshops be held?

All workshops will be directly held on the community Platform “Eventlabs”. This application will be your one-stop platform for the ImpactXcelerate Program.

What skills will I learn from this Program?

This program aims to aid German social enterprises and public welfare organizations in enhancing their social and environmental impact. Skills that you will learn will range from impact assessment, monitoring, growth hacking techniques, and efficient tools to review your business model and accelerate it. Additionally, you will learn how aligning your personal purpose to your company impact and how this can drive your team. Finally, you will learn quick tips inspired by a social business that you can apply with low effort and high impact. These soft skills entail systemic and critical thinking, leadership with impact, and agile thinking that will be transmitted throughout all the parts of the program (community, workshops, and consulting).

When will the physical Gathering be in Berlin?

The Social Business Gathering will be on the 10th and 11th of November 2023.

How can I join the Gathering in Berlin?

We will be providing free online access to the hybrid even through our application “Eventlab”, which will enable participants to gain the full experience. The possibility of attending the Gathering live in Berlin will be disclosed closer to the event, as this is dependent on our location capabilities. In the case live attendance is possible, we will offer discounted tickets for those part of the ImpactXcelereate community. Participants in the acceleration program will be able to join for free.

What devices do I need to participate in this Program?

For this program, you will need a smart device, that would allow you to access this program community platform through the Grameen Creative Lab application “Eventlabs”. Additionally, we advise participants to use either a laptop or a Tablet/iPad to take part in the workshops. The larger format would allow participants to fill out our virtual workbooks with more ease.

How much time will this Program require of me?

You can flexibly join the online workshops on the 17th and 24th of October. For attending all the workshops, we are expecting participants to set aside a maximum of 8 hours.

3 Community chats will be offered throughout September with a maximum duration of 1 hour. You can freely decide which sessions to attend and for how long.

The acceleration program entails 10 compulsory hours for each social business enterprise from the 4th of September until the 1st of December. On top of this, we will be providing exercises, that each social enterprise needs to work on outside the compulsory consulting hours. We reassure you that these exercises will be all doable within your busy schedule and most importantly it will help your business to grow and level-up!